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Angel’s Public School feels pleased and proud to announce the meritorious CBSE exam results for the Class of 2019 with Arunika Bandral, class X scoring a remarkable 98% and Tavleen Kaur, class XII scoring an excellent 96.4% .We congratulate the entire Angel’s Family for the great achievement!!!
About Us

Angel’s Public School was established in 1992 with the aim of preparing the children academically and morally to face the challenges of the changing world standing on the threshold of the 21st century.

Angel’s Public School is located at Mamun on the Pathankot, Dalhousie Road. The school premises are in a peaceful picturesque and fascinating site. The spacious and modern building of the school heralds welcome to entrants owing to its majestic structure. The school is being run by trained and highly experienced Principal and staff under the expert and able guidance of Colonel Man Singh, the director and founder of the school. The C.B.S.E. wide affiliation No: 16492. Angel’s Convent School and Angel’s Public School are apparatus & modern teaching aids such as classroom projector, colored television, VCR & cassette record player, etc. It provides quality education in healthy pollution free and natural surroundings. The school has its own fun electricity train, swimming pool, etc, to encourage the children.


Angel’s centres on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship & community service. Depth and variety are added to each student’s life by the school tradition and accessibility to a broad curriculum.

Pre Primary Curriculum:

  1. Knowing that the child’s brain develops to its maximum capacity in the first five years Angels public school gives the kindergarten children opportunities to help them develop their creative thinking process. In a nutshell the syllabus for pre primary includes conversation, nursery rhymes with actions, picture recognition of various objects, activity based learning through video cassettes.

  2. Written work for nursery children includes basic strokes like sleeping lines, standing lines, unslanting lines, recognition of alphabets in the order of the letters of the English alphabet through pictures, charts, books various objects.

  3. LKG syllabus aims at enhancing the multi-dimensional development of the child. The objective is to make the child independent, friendly, sociable and confident. The teaching subjects include English, Mathematics, Hindi and General awareness. Stress will be more on phonetic sounds, conversation topics, pictures words rhymes with actions, mathematic includes counting from 1 to 100, number names, recognition of shapes, concept of  more and less, bigger and smaller. Stress on Hindi includes Varnamla (Maukhik aur likhit), Do akshar shabdon ka gyan, chitra dekhkar akshar likho, saptaah ke din (maukhik), phal aur sabziyon ke naam (maukhik), rang aur janwron ke naam (maukhik)

  4. UKG is a stage of overall preparation to take on different subjects. Reading writing and number work are taught in a play way method and in the form of dramatized stories. The main attraction for our little Angel’s includes ELECTRIC TOY TRAIN and swimming pool.
  1. Primary curriculum (Class 1st to 5th) includes a vide range of subjects divided in the form of four unit terms. Half yearly assessment will be taken in the mid term and final assessment at the end of the session in the month of March.

  2. Middle school curriculum (Class 1st to 8th) includes subjects prescribed by CBSE divided in the form of three terms. Half yearly assessment will be in the mid session and final assessment in the month of March.

  3. Curriculum for High school (9th & 10th) is designed strictly as per CBSE. Assessments will be in the form of weekly tests, assignments, term tests, Half yearly examinations and final examination for class 9th. Class 10th students are required to appear for two pre board examinations in the month of Dec and Jan respectively.


Regular PTMs are held at the end of every term to appraise the student progress from every angle. To enhance the child’s performance interactive sessions with subjects experts and parents are held from time to time.


Angel’s boasts of a content-rich library, well stocked with encyclopedias, references book, illustrated dictionaries, newspapers and a wide variety of story books for children of all age-groups.


The students show their creativity and writing skill through various mediums of expression in writing which are compiled in the school magazine “Ignited Minds” which comes our every year.


The school has a clean, dust free and green environment. There are concrete and lavish courts for basket ball, volley ball, table tennis and badminton. In the athletics season a 200 meter track is laid out on the lawns, In additions students have the space and facilities for kho-kho and baseball. Apart from this, students are trained for march past and instructed on various drills. Games are conducted for all students on daily basis. There is separate staff for games. The school also offers Yoga classes.


The school has 24 hrs power backup facility available in the school.


Angel’s public school provides canteen facility for its students and staff.


The new session starts in the first week of April every year. The school has summer break from the last week of May to the first week of July. Diwali break for a week and winter break in the last week of December to first week of January.


The school is divided into four houses:

  1. Red House
  2. Blue House
  3. Green House
  4. Yellow House

Each house has a incharge along with a team of supervisors from the amongst the staff members. Each year two house captains (Boy & Girl) & two vice house captains are selected from each house. Regular competitions are held amongst the houses on a weekly and monthly bases. All children are encouraged to participate in their respective fields of interest and thus an effort is made to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship as well as help bring out the latent talents and abilities in each child helping him to bloom to his full capability.


The school provides a wide range of hobbies and pursuits so that every Childs gets and opportunity to develop self confidence and self esteem. Cooking, elocution, painting, singing & dancing are some of the popular and much sought after hobbies and pursuits. The School also motivates the students to participate in dramatics, public speaking and nature study. The school lays emphasis on Physical and health Training Programs.


Angel’s Public School, Pathankot is dedicated to teaching and learning, employing modern teaching resources. These are achieved with the support and deployment of qualified, competent and supporting staff, and the special needs of weaker or gifted child are dealt with equal commitment. This academic community will not only impart instruction through the regular teaching periods, it will also engage students in a variety of other ways such as to conduct the morning assembly, bring out school publication, arrange and participate in cultural shows and arrange visits. All teachers will be involve in various activities, as House Incharges, Hobby class incharges, Editorial Board Members Cultural Department or Sport etc. The opportunities for formal and informal relationships with Angel’s Public school, Pathankot faculty will be plentiful and rewarding, resulting in lifelong friendship as well as professional menteroship that build students lives and careers.


A new hostel block has been especially designed keeping in mind the present day requirements of the growing children. This new hostel block is an ultra modern, fully air-conditioned building suitable of students of the new generation.

In the designing and construction of the hostel building all the required safety measures have been taken, thus giving the young saplings a secure and warm environment conductive to healthy and holistic development amongst age-mates and yet provides enough personal space for nurturing individual traits.


The school hostel provides a balanced and wholesome diet to its growing students of their proper physical development. The meals are nutritively proportioned with a wide range of variety to satisfy the taste buds of little angel’s. Special attention is given to hygiene.

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